Seven Things We Are Thankful For During A Thankless Time

For those of us at Jefferies living and working in the United States and perhaps around the world, November is a time to reflect and appreciate all that we have and the good in our lives.  The month of November also marks the end of our 2023 fiscal year.  For the world, this November arrives […]

Why Jefferies is So Special

Team Jefferies, We have now confirmed that $4.4 million of our contributions will be 100% matched by other donors and thus our good work yesterday will deliver $13 million to organizations that are helping save and preserve life and humanity in the face of horror and evil. Please read our press release below for further […]

Playing Smart Offense At a Time Hiding on Defense Wouldn’t Be Criticized

Dear Clients, Employee-Partners, and Friends of Jefferies, Similar to 2022, 2023 has been a challenging year as the transition from free money to a real interest rate approaches its conclusion.  This has meaningfully curtailed, if not foreclosed, capital markets activity, as well as mergers and acquisitions.  While this could have led us at Jefferies to […]

2023 Home Stretch

Team Jefferies, We have now entered our fourth and final fiscal quarter in a year that will likely be remembered by many of us as transitional – in the economy, markets, our industry and at Jefferies. We moved from a long era of low rates to a more balanced world of capital having a real […]

Motivating Start to August with Messages from our Interns

Each August, we reset and hear what is on the minds and hearts of our global summer intern class. We asked all 369 this year to take their individual best shot at setting the tone for our firm, which could be an idea, thought, perspective, observation, theme or objective for all of us to ponder/debate/achieve/avoid. […]

Restoring Order and Calm

We do not believe the events of last week portend a repeat of 2008, absent serious miscalculations of present circumstances.