At the End of the Day, It Is All About Culture

What makes a business thrive and be sustainable across cycles? Why are some companies able to constantly reinvent themselves in an ever-changing world, while others remain complacent with products, strategies and services that worked yesterday? Who is responsible for making sure capital expenditures, acquisitions and investments are smart, targeted, and capital and cost efficient? Who is responsible for convincing clients and investors that the firm’s foundation is strong, honest and trustworthy?

Why Being In Our 50’s Makes Us – But Not Jefferies – Middle-Aged

This week, our firm finished its first half-century in business as Jefferies turned 50 years old. Coincidentally, the two of us writing this note also hit the 50-year milestone in the last few years. We would like to take this opportunity to talk about the importance and meaning of these milestones. 

The Jefferies Delorean

Given recent headlines and the ongoing global consternation with the financial services industry, we want to share some thoughts of what an investment banking firm could/should look like in the year 2012.

What a Difference Three Months can Make

What a difference three months can make. With help from the European Central Bank, the threat of an imminent breakdown in the European financial system appears to have been averted, at least for now.

Sharing Our Experience With Our Clients First, As Always

For most of last quarter, we at Jefferies chose to‚ 'bare it all? in what was for us an uncharacteristically public fashion. We entered November focused as ever on serving you, our clients, and immediately found ourselves facing a gauntlet of serious challenges that we felt we needed to address full force and head on.

Like many of you reading this note, we are “in the trenches” entrepreneurs working?

To Our Clients Like many of you reading this note, we are “in the trenches” entrepreneurs working with our employee-partners to build Jefferies, with the goal of enhancing value for all our stakeholders – clients, shareholders, bondholders and employees. While our primary compass is long-term value creation, we all live in a world of daily,

Our first “Leadership Letter” to our clients

This is the first issue of what we intend as a quarterly publication to our clients to share Jefferies’ insights and advice on the markets and other relevant topics, as well as to keep you abreast of developments at our firm.