Launch 2025

Presented by Jefferies Prime Services. Six episodes that explore the critical questions that need to be top of mind for every alternative fund founder in the mid 2020s—and some answers that can help build a more successful launch.

A quick video introduction to the Launch 2025 Series:

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Moving On…and Moving Out

Founders start thinking of launching firms while they are typically still with a prior employer. What should be top of mind from the earliest days? Who can you speak with, and what do you need to know before you take the first step to launch your own firm?

The First 90 Days

Congratulations! You’ve decided to move on and launch your own alternative investment firm. What are the three critical tasks for your first 90 days that will shape the strength and success of your firm over the long term?

How Do I Know What ‘Market’ Is?

Pricing an alternatives product has changed substantially in the last decade, and while many headlines have focused on declining fees, that’s far from the whole story. This episode focuses on understanding what potential allocators will pay, and how to best align liquidity terms with your strategy.

Early Stage Capital

Now that you understand how to appropriately price your product, what are some of the early stage structures that are increasingly popular and may help get those first dollars in the door?

Talent & Human Capital

After economic capital, the right human capital is essential for building a strong foundation from Day 1, and one size or skill set does not fit all. How should founders be think about who they’re hiring, and what roles and skills are a good fit for the new firm?

SEC Registration

One of the most important and least understood dimensions of the launch process. How does your firm’s size, structure and location affect dealing with regulators?

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