Consumer Evolution

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Real Estate

Omotayo Okusanya discusses how the lines between traditional retail and e-tail continue to blur and how the changes impact REITs.

Broadline & Hardline Retail

Daniel Binder says that business models are evolving to an omni-channel model adapting to changes in consumer shopping behavior and competition from online resellers.

Specialty Retail

Randy Konik says that consumer trends are driving significant change in retailer distribution networks towards capital light strategies, while also causing supply chain modifications to drive higher inventory efficiency.

Internet & Media

David Reynolds says that sophisticated online consumers are no longer satisfied by the price/ range/ convenience paradigm, profound personalization is increasingly a pre-requisite for competitive advantage and the search to curate shift is well under way.

Travel & Leisure

Ian Rennardson explains how technology is accelerating the evolution of the leisure consumer who can plan, reserve and share all aspects of their leisure experience online, instantly making inventory management a challenge.

Household Products & Personal Care and Beverages

Kevin Grundy says that the winners are companies best positioned to capitalize on demographics like millennials and Hispanics and key shifts in consumer behavior, such as a greater focus on health & wellness.


Andrew Barish reports on why fast-casual is connecting with millennials. Alexander Slagle says that consumers want clean food leading to a wave of innovation from fast casual farm-to-table.