Foreign Exchange

Jefferies has a 24-hour, full-service Foreign Exchange (FX) operation, quoting cash FX, options and non-deliverable forwards (NDFs). Jefferies' experienced and well-respected FX strategists offer macro insights and unbiased trading ideas. From London, we offer a weekly FX commentary, followed by daily updates, and from New York, we offer a daily update focused on macro price action. Our team provides access to real-time intraday updates, typically through Bloomberg IB chats, and access to our JEFX Risk Indicator to gauge the market’s risk attitude. We track all trade recommendations to show overall performance as well as provide personalized strategy support.

Focus Areas:

  • JEFX Strategy Daily Update
  • Macro Price Action Daily
  • NY CEEMEA Trading Recap
  • NY Asia Trading Recap

If you would like access to our research, please contact your Jefferies representative.