Data Delivery, Reporting & Jefferies Direct

Our state-of-the-art core processing system provides optimum flexibility to customize data delivery and retrieval. We adapt our technology and reporting to meet our clients' needs. Jefferies focuses on being able to provide clients with a variety of different delivery methods as well as customizable reports.

Data Delivery

  • Email: Standard or custom reports and statements can be delivered to clients' mailboxes with the ability to batch reports or send separate reports to various mail boxes
  • Jefferies Direct: Our online clearing portal provides secure access for clients to access various reports and statements
  • Secure FTP: Clients are able to receive and send data via FTP within a secure environment


  • Provide enrichments such as adopting client symbology or creating event-driven notifications based upon a client request or risk management criteria
  • Provide a number of standardized reports in various formats from a multistep file showing separate tabs with trade, positions, balances and more, all of which can be adapted where required
  • Provide bespoke reporting based on clients' requirements
  • Work with clients' partners (administrators/outsourced operations, etc.) to ensure data is delivered in whatever format is necessary

Jefferies Direct

Jefferies Direct is a web-based application designed to enable our clients to monitor and export both top day and historical information from their accounts.

The Functionalities of Jefferies Direct Include:

  • Account Balances, Statements and Status Reports
  • Collateral Information
  • Early Warning and Margin Call Alerts
  • End-of-Day and Real-Time Positions
  • Fees and Commissions
  • Margin Requirements
  • Trading Activity

To access Jefferies Direct, click here.