Global Execution

Jefferies provides customizable execution solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Flexible Execution

With an experienced staff located in key financial centers globally, Jefferies provides clients with personalized service and expert trade support around the clock. By employing an open architecture, we are able to facilitate multiple front-end scenarios for our clients, including proprietary order management systems. FIX gateway allows us to offer clients connectivity to our global trade via routing infrastructure—the Internet, VPN, a network cloud or through a direct line. Automated tools may be incorporated to facilitate user-defined algorithms and time-triggered orders.

Electronic Trading

Jefferies offers a diversified selection of electronic trading platforms covering global exchange connectivity across the world.

Our offer fits a large panel of needs, from execution capability using standard systems in the industry (Bloomberg, EMSX, Reuters and RTEX) to more specific and technical demanding platforms and APIs (CQG, Trading Technologies, FFastFill and FIX Order Routing).

Real-time risk management is offered by taking filled trade information from electronic terminals and processing this information to clients' risk management engine in the format determined by the client.

Dedicated Support 

Knowledgeable trade and technology support personnel are available to provide clients with assistance 24 hours a day.

Dependability and Speed

Jefferies maintains dual exchange connections and gateway servers that are routed to diverse geographical locations. Redundancies include, but are not limited to, the following: three global processing centers, on-site generators capable of powering an entire office tower and backed with sufficient fuel to independently operate the system for seven days, and backup data centers located in separate states and on separate power grids. The resulting benefit to our clients is reliability and speed.