As required by CFTC rule 23.431(d)(2), and SEC rule 15Fh-3(c), we will provide you with a daily mark for all uncleared swaps and SBS subject to regulation under the Dodd-Frank Act. For cleared swaps originally executed by you with us, you have the right to receive the daily mark from the appropriate DCO upon request.  For cleared SBS originally executed by you with us, you may have the right to request from us the daily mark we receive from a clearing agency. We can provide such daily mark directly or through a third party. However, it is likely that such original SBS will have been terminated upon novation by the clearing agency and we would have no ongoing obligation to provide you with such daily mark, even upon request. For a full understanding of our daily marks, please click on the Important Information Regarding Marks for Swaps under Additional Notifications and Disclosures on the left. 

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