Jefferies to hold “Doing Good” Global Trading Day on February 26

Jefferies to hold “Doing Good” Global Trading Day on February 26

Dear Team Jefferies,

As we have endured almost a full year of the global effects of COVID-19, we believe it is an appropriate time for us to step back and reflect on all that we at Jefferies have to be thankful for in our lives.  Yes, we have faced extreme adversity, challenging setbacks and personal and professional pain, but we also know in our hearts that we are amongst the most fortunate people on the planet.  With this gratitude in mind, we are designating February 26th as Jefferies Global Trading Day of “Doing Good.”   Below you will see the press announcement that we just released designating all of our global net trading revenues to be donated to accredited charities focused on advancing diversity and inclusion, supporting COVID-19 relief efforts and improving sustainability and the environment. Jefferies will be donating a further $1 million directly and we are asking each of you to donate personally your day’s salary (or more) to these important causes.

We are giving each of you (and our clients) a two-week heads-up to prepare for our day of “Doing Good.”  We are expecting our clients who support us and every individual within Jefferies who feels grateful to be an active participant in this day.  The charities we select must be accredited, non-political and non-religious, but dedicated to spreading goodness, joy, health, fairness and safety, or otherwise improving life and our planet.  We cannot promise in advance which charities will benefit from our day of “Doing Good,” but we will do our work and take all nominations into consideration.  Please designate if a client has requested the charity. We will do our best to accommodate the charities, especially of the clients and Jefferies partners who actively help in the fundraising. 

This has been an incredible last twelve months and we are not out of the woods yet, but we can definitely begin to see that a much brighter future is ahead of us.  We want to remind everyone to stay extra safe using all best practices, to consult your doctors as we proactively await our proper turns to get vaccinated, and stay positive in all ways, including physical, emotional and spiritual. 

We are looking forward to a fun day of “Doing Good” with each of you,

Rich and Brian

CEO, Jefferies Financial Group
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President, Jefferies Financial Group
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NEW YORK, LONDON and HONG KONG, February 12, 2021 – Jefferies announced today that it will hold a “Doing Good” Global Trading Day on Friday, February 26, 2021 to support accredited charities focused on advancing diversity and inclusion, supporting COVID-19 relief efforts and improving sustainability and the environment. The Jefferies “Doing Good” Global Trading Day offers investors around the world the opportunity to join these efforts by trading with Jefferies.

Specifically, Jefferies will donate 100% of net global trading commissions on February 26, for all trading in equities, fixed income and foreign exchange by the firm’s clients. In addition, Jefferies as a firm will donate $1 million directly, and all 3,922 employees worldwide will be given the opportunity to personally donate to these efforts. These contributions will be allocated to a broad array of qualified charities dedicated to these important initiatives.

Rich Handler, CEO, and Brian Friedman, President, of Jefferies commented: “As we approach the one-year anniversary of the impact of Coronavirus on mankind, we at Jefferies are grateful to be so fortunate and we are excited to be able to contribute to so many important causes that are dear to our and our client’s hearts. Our “Doing Good” Global Trading Day will support organizations including those focused on diversity and inclusion, COVID-19 relief efforts and the sustainability and protection of our environment.  Every one of us at Jefferies is looking forward to partnering with our clients, fellow employees and shareholders as we utilize Jefferies’ global platform for a day of giving back where it is most needed.”  

For further information, please contact your Jefferies representative. 

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