March 2021

Our Asian Jefferies Family

Dear Fellow Jefferies Global Partners,

We feel compelled to share our feelings and emotions that we expect must be on many of your minds.   We abhor the fact that certain actors are singling out those of Asian descent and blaming, scapegoating and targeting them for the coronavirus and other unfortunate problems the world is currently facing.  We at Jefferies extend our hearts to everyone of Asian descent within Jefferies and beyond, and want you all to know that we are with every one of you in solidarity for equality, mutual appreciation and respect.   Without all of you, our firm would not be a firm and the world would be unimaginable.    Please stand strong and proud and know that Jefferies is filled with thousands of souls who are proudly with you, and we represent the vast majority of the world who have always been with you, and always will be.  

Please let us know what the rest of us can all do to help,

With enormous pride to be with you,

Rich, Brian and the rest of your Jefferies family

PS  Rich will host a zoom tomorrow, Friday March 19th at 9am EST that is available for anyone in the firm who wants to join.  There is no presentation or planned format.  It will just be an opportunity for those who feel the need to discuss this topic to do so in an open and welcoming environment.  This call will be recorded for those who cannot make it.

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