January 2022

Walk With A Bounce In Your Step And A Smile On Your Face, But Don’t Run

Team Jefferies,

Almost welcome back! Not surprisingly, we are getting questions about how to approach working from the office, entertainment, travel, etc. after January 31. The short answer is that we will be aspiring to operate as we were in the post-October period: remaining careful at all times, embracing a hybrid WFH mode/option, allowing entry to our offices only with JEF Vax Pass+, and wearing masks while moving around in the office. As always, we will remain highly vigilant, real-time transparent, overly communicative and prepared to proactively pivot based on immediate and unanticipated circumstances. Let there be no doubt that our goal is to return to our fully functioning offices as soon as possible.  

Constantly Careful

The most important protocol is for all of us to be constantly careful and to provide immediate notification if you have even the mildest symptom or if you have had contact with someone with COVID, in which case, of course, you should not come into the office.  Don’t come into the office while waiting for a COVID test result. If you have symptoms or contact, stay home and let us know. This is a simple, yet critical requirement. To make it easy, we have a dedicated Covid Alerts email address. We are counting on all of us to protect each other.

Office Access

To work from the office, you must be registered for JEF VaxPass+, which includes proof of vaccination and a booster. This is what we now consider “fully vaccinated.” As we’ve said before, if you have a valid basis for not getting a booster yet, we will make reasonable, temporary allowances, but the goal is boosters for all.  Email Covid Alerts if you believe you qualify for a temporary booster exemption. If you are not registered for VaxPass+ by January 31, your building pass will be deactivated and you must continue to work from home.

Tests on the Way

To assist with situations involving symptoms or contacts, we will be sending each and every Jefferies employee-partner a package of 20 antigen tests that you can use for immediate testing. Please note, though, that if you have symptoms or have had contact, you will need to take a PCR test before being allowed to come back into the office. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, we can provide information and resources for PCR testing.

Office Protocols

You will be required to wear a mask at all times in common areas, when walking through the offices or going in elevators. When you are seated, you can take your mask off. On the immediate horizon (defined as the first few weeks of February), we will be limiting internal meetings to no more than 10 people. The same protocols apply to all clients and vendors who come into our offices.


As long as you have a VaxPass+, client entertainment will resume on February 7 for groups no larger than 10. (As has been the case, we will entertain requests for essential entertainment prior to February 7.)  If you entertain clients, you must verify that they are vaccinated; if not, no entertainment is permitted.


VaxPass+ holders will no longer be required to seek pre-approval for business trips beginning February 1. Until then, please work with your manager to determine if trips are essential, which we will approve on an exceptions basis. Even after February 1, we should really only be travelling for business when important, but we will let each of you decide when it is appropriate.

So, yes, starting February 1, walk, don’t run. Hopefully, circumstances will continue to improve and we will all be sprinting together once again.

Rich and Brian


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