JETS Global Algorithmic Suite

Benchmark Solutions
VolPart Trade in line with volume on the primary or consolidated market
Strike Balances volatility and market risk to achieve best execution while tracking arrival price
VWAP Match VWAP over a specified timeframe
TWAP Trade uniformly over a specified time
Finale Balance order size, volatility, and market impact to optimally trade into the close
Liquidity Solutions
BLITZ Aggressively executes in all displayed and non-displayed markets
SEEK Uncover liquidity opportunities in both displayed and non-displayed markets
DarkSEEK Uncover liquidity opportunities in non-displayed markets
POST Passively participate in the market
Workflow Solutions
TRADER Enable traders to interact dynamically with a working order in an algorithm with one click
MultiScale Offers multiple trading strategies on a single working order
Pairs Trade two stocks simultaneously without getting legged. Offers Ratio, Risk Arb, and Net Return modes
Portfolio Executes a basket of names with a defined objective like cash balancing, sector neutral, beta balancing and risk optimization
Patience Uncover liquidity opportunities in hard to trade names