Electronic Trading Solutions

Jefferies Electronic Trading Solutions is backed by a global team of professionals located in U.S., Europe and Asia. Specifically designed for today’s fragmented and rapidly changing market environment by our industry leading development team, Jefferies provides our clients with innovative electronic sales and trading solutions partnered with local expertise through Algorithmic Strategies and  Program Trading.

Product Highlights:

Global Algorithmic

  • We offer direct electronic access to over 60 equity exchanges and liquidity venues across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.
  • We have a full suite of liquidity seeking and benchmark tracking algorithms working to minimize market impact, improve trading performance and add consistency to the trading process.
  • We offer client-focused integration and an open FIX architecture supporting access to all leading OMS/EMS providers.
  • Our modern infrastructure provides us maximum flexibility to develop and implement for clients the custom strategies and workflow solutions mandatory in today’s global trading environment.
  • We provide clients with tools that protect anonymity and control of order flow.

Global Portfolio Trading

  • We have a 24x6 fully integrated platform with dedicated sales and trading specialists located in U.S., Europe and Asia.
  • Comprehensive advisory services are available for complex portfolio restructurings and cash flows.
  • We provide active risk management throughout the life cycle of a portfolio by utilizing pre-trade, real-time, and post-trade analytics and custom alerts via our proprietary Portfolio Monitor tool.

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