Invisible Forces  |  S2:EP4

Lean, Mean and Green: The Future of Sustainable Businesses

August 25, 2020

Consumers today, especially younger buyers, are in the market for more environmentally friendly products - and the good news is, their options are only growing. This episode looks at how the trend towards conscious consumption is driving change in just about every industry, from fashion, to food, to home decor. Simon Powell, Jon Matuszewski, and Dominic Lester are joined by Tom Quinn, the President of Halio North America, Erin Wallace, the VP of Integrated Marketing at Thred Up and Thrive Market CEO Nick Green, to dig into how tech is powering green innovations in a wide range of industries. We hear from business leaders how this force is not only good for the Earth, but good for your company's bottom line. As the buying power of Gen Z and Millennials grows into the trillions, how will this trend change our markets over the next decade?

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