Invisible Forces  |  S2:EP6

An All-Encompassing Economy

October 6, 2020

2020 will be remembered for many reasons – and a main one is that the conversation around racial injustice hit a breaking point. COVID-19 exacerbated inequities in health outcomes for Black and Latino Americans, and in the wake of George Floyd’s death, we’ve seen a massive movement for enduring change. Consumers are seeking ways to support Black-owned businesses with their dollars, and Kristina Liburd (Founder & CEO of Viageur) and Boyuan Gao (Founder & Principle of Project Inkblot) speak to how companies are looking to hire more equitably and inclusively. Stephanie Wemusa (VP Diversity & Inclusion at TalVista) and Evie Cheung (Designer at Doblin) discuss how even our technology is getting a redesign – to correct biases built right into the programming of tech tools companies and consumers use every day, such as smart voice assistants and hiring platforms. Jefferies’ Head of Global Corporate Access, and Founder & Head of J-NOBLE – Jefferies Network of Black and Latinx employees, Nadia Batchelor, explores how this powerful movement can create lasting changes in businesses around the world.

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