Global Healthcare Innovation

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European Biotechnology

Peter Welford reports that the value of innovative therapies will increase as pressure from payers grows to ensure pricing reflects pharma-co-economic benefits and real improvements in patients’ quality of life.

Global Pharmaceuticals

Ian Hilliker discusses immuno-oncology and its outsized market potential in pharmaceuticals.

European Specialty Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Services

James Vane-Tempest says that biosimilars are expected to drive generics growth into the next decade and to be a focus of innovation for the larger generic companies.

U.S. Healthcare Services

Brian Tanquilut explains how the aging U.S. population will drive a significant increase in demand and costs for healthcare services as the baby boomer population ages.

U.S. Life Science Tools/Diagnostics & Dental

Brandon Couillard describes how a revolution in genomics is just beginning that will continue to drive the convergence of the life sciences & diagnostics industries.

European Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Martin Brunninger explains that manufacturers are broadening portfolios and not necessarily focusing on developing cutting-edge products.

U.S. Medical Supplies & Devices

Raj Denhoy notes that the biggest change in the past decade has been the growing importance of proving the economic value in medical intervention.