Invisible Forces  |  S2:EP5

A New Peace of Mind

September 22, 2020

2020 has been a year of instability and upheaval, so it’s no surprise many of us have been especially focused on our security – securing our health, our homes, our digital lives, and even our finances. We used to talk about ‘safety in numbers’ – but during the pandemic as we’ve been in quarantine and isolation - we’ve had to rethink what security looks and feels like today. Jefferies’ European Head of Investment Banking, Dominic Lester, and Global Head of Information Securty, Ramin Safai, are joined by Christian Cerda, the CEO of Simplisafe and Thomas Smyth, founder and CEO of Trim. In this episode, we explore how this need for fortification has been accelerated by work-from-home orders and lockdowns, and how this year has changed our idea of security for good.

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