Jefferies 2019 Consumer Conference

June 18-19, 2019

Nantucket, MA

The Jefferies 2019 Consumer Conference will be taking place June 18-19 in Nantucket, MA.

Following the success of last year’s event, with 85 participating companies and over 500 attendees, this year’s conference will again feature an extensive range of public & private companies across the Broadline/Hardline, Consumer Products & Personal Care, Entertainment & Leisure, Food & Drug Retail/Packaged Food & Beverage, Restaurants & Food Service, and Specialty Retail sectors. 

The two-day conference will be comprised of company presentations, keynotes and thematic panels. Company management teams and investors will also have the opportunity to participate in 1x1 and small group meetings.  This will be a great opportunity to interact with leaders in the Consumer & Retail sectors in a relaxed environment.  

For general questions, please email [email protected].