Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris
Senior Vice President
Investment Banking - Real Estate


Typically, the first thing I do once I arrive in the office is check for any news stories that have broken overnight and circulate the most relevant items to my team. After this, I usually work on two or three separate deals or pitches over the course of the day. Examples of recent deals and pitches that I have worked on include the sale of a Pan-European real estate portfolio, the issuance of a high yield bond for a gaming business and an equity raise for a European hotel company. The varied nature of the work provides a broad exposure to different companies, sectors and products and ensures that no two days are identical. Generally speaking, early mornings are the quietest time of day when one can think about what needs to be achieved and prioritize work accordingly. Of course, ad hoc projects that arise throughout the day must be juggled, but I usually manage to head outside to grab lunch with my teammates. During the afternoon I could be working on a financial model or putting together a pitchbook for the next day, interspersed with conference calls with clients or internal meetings with one of the product teams. By early evening, I have usually received comments from my MD on what materials are required for the next morning, for example a pitchbook for a client meeting.

On the Real Estate, Gaming and Lodging Investment Banking team, I have developed an understanding of the key participants and drivers of the three sectors. Through working on deals and pitches alongside the product teams, my knowledge of M&A, equity and debt capital markets has expanded significantly. It is satisfying to look back and compare my knowledge and skill set from when I started with today. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is the opportunity to work alongside a group of highly capable, knowledgeable and driven professionals.  I was attracted by Jefferies' growing reputation and the significant momentum that the firm has built up over the years.