Roger Hsieh
Senior Vice President
Fixed Income - Mortgage Sales

Hong Kong

A typical day usually starts with two slices of toast and a cup of black tea at my desk while going through several commentaries from Jefferies' economists and rates/credit traders. I recently started working with the Taiwan ECB traders. We begin each morning with a discussion about pre-market levels of several Taiwan ECB issues and then update our clients. It's important for me to maintain an ongoing dialogue with all of our clients to understand what sectors and products they are focused on so that I am best prepared to add value. By focusing on our clients' investment guidelines I am able to choose the product or strategy that will best fit their needs. Several calls with clients and traders take place during the afternoon when the London market opens, which is around 3:00 pm Asia time, and the day always continues to stay busy. Even when the day is flying by, I need to be alert and stay focused on all of the details to ensure that our trades are executed smoothly.

I was one of Jefferies' clients in Taiwan, and when the opportunity came for me to join the Fixed Income sales force in Asia, I took it immediately. Jefferies is a growing firm that stands out from its market competitors with its dynamic focus on clients' needs. Cultural diversity is what struck me most at first. As a native of Taiwan, this is the first time that I have relocated. Learning Cantonese, and working/talking with people of different nationalities—American, British, Italian and more—has been an exciting experience. I have had help along the way from traders and analysts who have shown me how different markets work; it is about learning something every day.

The transition from a buy-side job to a sell-side job has proved to be a positive move, partly because of the people I work with. Their direction and sharing of their own experiences has helped me to quickly get up to speed and assist clients. It is very satisfying to know that we have helped our clients to achieve their goals.

My recommendation for the next generation of Jefferies employees is to be well prepared, the earlier the better. Find your interest in one particular area, and dig deeper. Also, remain open-minded and optimistic about daily work. Last but not least, maintain a well-balanced life between work and leisure by developing other interests.