Nick Galbreath
Vice President

New York

An internship in Sales and Trading at Jefferies represents a unique program for young professionals interested in a nuanced area of finance. At Jefferies, I was given the unique opportunity to work at a firm with a global footprint, but a flat hierarchy. During my internship, projects were frequently given to interns by heads of the desk, which opened a channel of communication that allowed me to feel comfortable speaking directly to senior employees in the firm. This line of communication was invaluable as I continued to develop an understanding for an industry that is dynamically changing.

One of the differentiating qualities at Jefferies is their willingness to reward entrepreneurial individuals. As interns we were consistently challenged to find areas of the business where we could add value. For myself and another intern, this was within the quantitative strategy group. We were tasked with developing techniques to better analyze trade execution. We were given guidance of the objective, but allowed to explore our own potential ideas. This experience allowed me to form a collaborative relationship with a fellow intern, develop my analytical skill set, and feel like part of the firm. Looking back to day one of the internship I can honestly say I am astounded by how much I increased my understanding of sales and trading, developed my professional attributes, and enjoyed the firm culture.