Jefferies aims to provide our clients with clear, concise and timely information on the factors affecting the price levels and relationships within and among markets. Our analysts have decades of experience, and have worked on both the cash side and the futures side of the markets. This permits us to provide the market insight and perspective demanded by our wide range of clients. While taking a global approach to markets in our information and forecasts, we have the deep knowledge that comes from specialization in the respective commodity areas we cover. In addition to current developments, we focus on the longer-term possibilities and risks in the markets we analyze to help our clients plan for, rather than just react to, significant price-changing market events. We issue intraday, daily and weekly comments that are posted on our website, and distributed via direct email and MarketHub.

Focus Areas:

  • Base Metals & Ferrous Markets
  • Precious Metals
  • Agriculturals
    • AM Grains
    • PM Grains
    • Weekly Grains
    • AM Soy Complex
    • PM Soy Complex
    • Weekly Soy Complex
  • Softs
    • Daily Coffee
    • Daily Sugar
  • Energy
    • AM Energy
    • PM Energy
    • Weekly Energy
    • JEFCO2 Open
    • JEFCO2 Strategy
  • Financials
    • Asia Indexes Options Implied Volatilities
    • Jefferies Fixed Income Futures

If you would like access to our research, please contact your Jefferies representative.