New Year’s Priorities, Thoughts And Goals For An Uncertain Time

Dear Clients and Employee-Partners,

Usually the first page of the new calendar turns and our priorities/resolutions are made as we eagerly start another annual journey with optimism, earnestness and excitement. If you are like us, you are planning to work harder and smarter than ever to achieve individual and collective goals to the best of your abilities. It is a time to be reflective, pensive and honest with yourself. There are personal, professional, and hopefully societal goals that energize us as we finish the holiday festivities and symbolically start, once again from zero. We love this time of year because anything and everything seem possible as bad habits can be changed, new plans and strategies can be initiated, and mistakes are a thing of the past as all that matters is today and tomorrow.

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Where We Stand

As calendar 2018 comes to a close, it’s not only the painful volatility and collapsing asset values that are on our mind.   Markets will ebb and flow and business and investing cycles are as natural as the earth spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun.  The thing that vexes us is the thoughtless, paranoid and fundamentally wrong reaction that many people in our industry are expressing about the #MeToo movement and many other efforts to assure fairness and decency in the workplace.  In recent weeks, we have been disappointed to see reports in the media where various men state the following when it comes to the current state of women in the financial workforce:

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