Leslie Tatlow
Vice President
Fixed Income

New York

I began working on the Mortgage desk in the Fixed Income division following my rotation in the Summer Analyst program in 2012. I learned right away that as a salesperson, my main objective is to help our clients and the trading desk. Even when there is market turmoil, there are reasons to pick up the phone, call clients and tell them how Jefferies can add value. Jefferies’ senior management constantly reminds us to remain committed to our clients and put forth our best effort to obtain our goals.

Each day I figure out how I can contribute to my group and to our clients. In the morning I read various news sources, research from our economists, and market updates from the traders. Communication and flow of information are vital to our business. Throughout the day it is important to stay in tune with market activity to make sure I am providing useful information and unique ideas to customers.

The Mortgage group at Jefferies is composed of many senior individuals from the industry, and I have been fortunate to work with people who are among the most talented on the street. One aspect of Jefferies that sets it apart from other firms is its culture and willingness of senior leaders to mentor younger employees. As a junior team member, I constantly strive to learn something new as it is important to my career development, and my desk contributes in any way possible. As I develop and grow at Jefferies, I understand the impact that our firm has on our clients.