Abinand Natarajan
Investment Banking


Investment banking is definitely not a 9 to 5 or Monday to Friday kind of job. It is one of the most involving/challenging jobs on the market. It is hard to describe a typical day and especially that of an analyst, because it is highly dynamic and involves a lot of multitasking. I firmly believe that juggling among many different projects and prioritizing tasks is the most challenging and interesting part of an investment banking lifestyle. The most fascinating part of the investment banking analyst role is the opportunity to work on not only some of the largest and transformational transactions in the market but to sit across the table from entrepreneurs to crystallize business models and build out their businesses. Investment banking allows you to work closely with companies that range in size and business domains and lets you gain an in-depth understanding of the businesses and play an active part of these companies' strategic decision-making process. Recently, I have been working on a private equity placement transaction for one of the leading Internet companies and am responsible for tasks ranging from creating the financial model to preparing the marketing materials including the Investor Memorandum and presentations. We work seamlessly across specialized product and industry groups throughout the firm and gather different perspectives and provide a holistic approach to the client. I've also been working on a sell-side advisory deal for a leading travel company in addition to playing an active role in participating in ongoing pitches and business development activities.

The people that I have met and relationships that I have forged over the course of my tenure at Jefferies are among the key things that I value most at Jefferies. The firm has an impeccable “team” culture—at every level and values integrity and uniformly promotes the “One Firm” spirit, which makes you feel you are part of something truly special.