Jasmin Fischer

Jasmin Fischer
Senior Vice President,
Investment Banking - Healthcare


It was Monday evening, after an unusually quiet day in the office, when I received a call from one of our sell-side clients, asking me to meet with his team at 7:00 am the next day to help to compile the information needed for the company's management presentation. I immediately booked a car, packed up and went on a three-hour drive to the hotel near the company headquarters. After a sleepless night (due to the nearby church bell ringing all night long), a big cup of coffee and a cold shower, I visited the client. The entire management team welcomed me in a conference room, and we spent the day discussing the equity story, key investment highlights and, presentation structure and compiled a first draft of the presentation. When the management team asked questions and incorporated my advice into the plan, I realized that although I was junior, my opinion and advice were truly valuable and respected by the client. When we called it a day, the CEO expressed his gratitude and stated how much he was looking forward to working with me on the transaction. At that moment, I completely forgot about the long drive and sleepless night and very happily committed to work closely with him over the next few months to close the deal, which we successfully did.

I chose to work at Jefferies because I knew I would have the opportunity from day one to experience the challenging, but ultimately inspiring life of an investment banker and work alongside clients to help them achieve their goals. I also wanted to work with highly qualified, intelligent and involved senior bankers both across Europe and around the world. I continue to be inspired by our clients and by the role we play in their growth. After six years at Jefferies, I know I made the right choice, and look forward to the opportunities and challenges to come.