Nick Landenwich
2015 Intern – 2016 Analyst
Investment Banking

New York

During my recruitment process, there were two qualities that distinguished Jefferies: the opportunity for an extensive learning experience with exposure to product and industry groups, and a tight-knit, vibrant and collaborative work environment. This combination is unique across Wall Street and I believed it would provide me with the best opportunity as a junior banker.

Through the generalist program at Jefferies, I built a broad foundation to begin my career. I was fortunate to work across five groups during the summer, each group experience proving to be distinct and insightful in their respective areas of focus. The Generalist Program allowed me to find specific groups that best aligned with my personal strengths and interests. As the summer passed, I gravitated towards the M&A and healthcare groups, naturally positioning myself to best utilize my strengths to be a value added team member.

Jefferies is one of the few investment banks growing in size and capabilities each year. The youthful and expansive spirit at Jefferies is embodied by the character and personalities of the people at the firm. The combination of this spirit, alongside lean deal teams, creates a dynamic, challenging and hands on work environment. Throughout the summer I found myself sitting in on calls with a Vice Chairman, building a merger model alongside an Associate and discussing valuation techniques with a Senior Vice President. These events were common amongst my entire intern class. As a class, we were embraced by our deal teams who were eager and willing to mentor and develop our skills as junior bankers.

After spending my internship in the Summer Analyst Program at Jefferies, I know I made the right choice.